Church Health

A workman need not be ashamed. On the various pages on this site are ministry tools that we are proud to introduce to your ministry. As a fellow servant and workman of Jesus Christ, I encourage you to review the different page of services. I’m sure you’ll see the uniqueness of these resources. Phillips & Jethro’s approach to serving the local church begins with, and encourages open and truthful communications between all levels of ministry; from congregant to senior leadership. The resources within our ministry toolbox can help rebuild relationships, identify weaknesses and strengthen ministry effectiveness.

If you have not had a leadership summit for your leaders and staff in recent years or if you are considering one for your ministry in 2017, please consider Phillips & Jethro, LLC. Let us help you develop your leadership summit. Have you performed your annual ministry checkup to see if you are still on course with the vision that God gave the church? With a Church Health Assessment we are able to provide real-time information about the current health of the church. Your leadership summit becomes more effective when current information is used.

Phillips & Jethro will work with you to craft a leadership summit that is designed to bring your staff and ministry leaders closer together and provide them with a motivating, and inspiring experience that they'll be talking about for months to come.

  • Team-Building Exercises that promote an atmosphere of active listening and healthy communications.
  • Facilitated Group Discussions that encourage a sense of "ownership" among employees and the ministry leaders.
  • Group S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) Activities that help employees get to know their co-workers better through interactive communication exercises.