Friday Night Alternative for Married Men

Greetings My Brother in Christ. I am answering the call to serve. Do you know of a married man that might be interested in spending an evening in fellowship with other married men? Are you acquainted with someone that may be struggling in their marriage and might be open to some help from other men. I am inviting married men from local churches (to my home in Lilburn) that may want a different ministering and sharing experience for their marriage. I am NOT offering another small group opportunity although a small group may benefit from the experience. I am not representing a particular church although I am faithful in my attendance and worship in a local church. I have been married nearly 47 years; in ministry over 33 years and I serve to help men avoid some of the pitfalls of life. If you know of a friend, share this, if you’d like to come, please do. This is an opportunity to spend an evening with other men who are trying to strengthen their marriage and become stronger men of integrity. Come, experience Heart Scan for Husbands. Your title is not important to me, your heart is.

Save the date, Friday February 24, 2017 from 7-11 pm. Plan to get comfortable, meet a new friend, then listen and share your challenges and victories (if you desire); see how much we all have in common with the issues of life and marriage. We assemble to help and get help.

If interested, call me at (678) 438-1013 or use the contact form below (add your phone number) and send me a brief note to acknowledge acceptance of this invitation and I will provide my address. There is no cost. Evening food and snacks will be provided. I hope you can make it.

Be Blessed, Stay Faithful and Serve Well            

LaPinsky Phillips

Please send me a quick note if you desire to attend