Men’s Collective

A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective …


Our collective is a group of men that share or are motivated by a common issue or interest (Jesus Christ), or assemble together to achieve a common objective (navigating life in a Godly fashion) ...

Greetings My Brother in Christ. I would like to invite you to an evening of friendship and ministry with other Christian Men. I am answering my call to serve: to providing a conduit where the strength of the young and the wisdom of the old come together to help men navigate through “The Game Life”. I am inviting men from local churches, from various walks of life, in early and late seasons of their life’s journey and different cultural and ethnic background to create an environment where “collectively” we share “life nuggets” and “collectively we transfer Godly wisdom. Come spend an evening with other men whose journey is to become stronger men of integrity. There is no cost to attend.

Save the Date

Friday April 27, 2018  from 7  -  10  p.m.

Singleton Road Activity Building

Plan to come, get comfortable and meet some new friends. Come experience this “Friday Night Alternative” and “Heart Scan for Men”, a uniquely different model for sharing during a men’s gathering. Join us at the Singleton Road Activity Building in Norcross, GA.

If interested, call or txt me at (678) 438-1013 to acknowledge acceptance of this invitation. Feel free to bring a friend or share this invitation if you are not able to attend. I hope you can make it; until then . . . .

Be Blessed, Stay Faithful and Serve Well

LaPinsky Phillips


Join me, it's Free

Together, we'll provide food for your soul and I'll provide snacks for your body.




The glory of the young is their strength; the gray hair of experience is the splendor of the old.

Proverbs 20:29  (NLT)

Singleton Road Activity Building

5220 Singleton Road

Norcross, GA 30092