But what about the church


Greetings. I'm A. LaPinsky Phillips, a Christian brother and the founder and CEO of Phillips & Jethro, LLC. Are you an overseer of multiple churches or a pastor of one? How is the health of your church? It is well acknowledged that God created both the church and humans for His glory. When both are healthy, they continue to function efficiently as living beings. People routinely see medical practitioners or doctors for checkups or when they are feeling under the weather. If a person does not get regular exams or medical visits, they may find that their last doctor's appointments occur when they are nearing death and under hospice care.



The Church at its' Best

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But what about the Church? When was the last time your church conducted a church health examination? Most churches have never had a checkup. Most pastors understand the importance of doing a church health check, yet many fail to do so. Some leaders assume everything is fine because they received a church health assessment five or ten years ago. Churches change, just like the human body. The church gets new leaders and new members, the church tries to regroup after the results of a church conflict, and the impacts of COVID-19. One of the most common worries we have while visiting a doctor or medical practitioner is hearing the truth about our health. But what about the church? What is the reality about the health of your congregation? Do you know which areas need improvement if your church is experiencing difficulties? Do you know why yours is a church at its best and is in good health?


The Nehemiah Project

For Strengthing and Rebuilding Ministries

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Do not wait until your congregation is receiving hospice care before getting an assessment. ACT NOW. Talk with me to determine whether your church is functioning well or needs strengthening and rebuilding in terms of ministry. Explore the various resources available on this website to determine the best ways to assist your ministry or church in fulfilling its mission. Give it some thought.

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