Organizational Assessments Dashboard

Does the small church matter to the local community and God? Do you love ministering for the Lord but are growing weary of seeing that your church is not growing or making a community impact while other congregations seem to flourish? Do you ever wonder if your church has impacted your community? Does your church have strong leadership and a healthy organizational environment? This "Organizational Assessment Dashboard" can help answer these questions.

Servant Leadership Training


  • The "Servant Leadership Training" dashboard is composed of numerous modules designed to teach, measure, and encourage servant leadership.
  • This resource is ideally suited for new and potential leaders.
  • An ideal component to address your ministry's future and church growth.
  • Pastors whose churches are not growing, churches with transitioning leadership, or ministries that have not experienced a church assessment in recent years.
  • Pastors in need of training and performance assessments for their leaders and ministries.
  • Overseers in need of training and performance assessments for their pastors.
  • Pastors of churches in rural locations that need help.


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