Digital Truth

Phillips & Jethro, LLC utilizes interactive keypad technology, also known as Audience Response System (ARS). Your meeting participants to respond to electronic questions, vote on candidates, or prioritize lists of goals.

Wireless interactive system can benefit every church, ministry, non-profit, department, and employee group. Audience Response System delivers real time answers to important real time questions.
















The Major Benefits of Audience Response Systems Are:

Your ministry members and meeting participants are directly engaged, giving them voice and value:

  • Anonymous voting eliminated fears that people might have been influenced by peer pressure to vote in a certain way.
  • Real-time results and knowledge from your audience is translated to everyone.
  • Achieve closure and consensus on key decisions in seconds therefore avoiding long hours of unnecessary debate.
  • Collect anonymous information, therefore, leading to more accurate opinion and learning assessment.
  • Instantly collect tabulated or individual results for later analysis.

The electronic voting keypads make it easy to instantly gain the audience's attention and helpes to keep the individuals alert and interested.