FreeStyle for Couples

FreeStyle for Couples is a process where married couples can talk openly and freely about any subject in a public forum while at the same time maintaining total anonymity. This is accomplished through the use of our digital audience response system called Heart Scan . . . Digital Truth™ .

With FreeStyle, the couples choose the areas of their marriage that need help. Imagine a format where your can ask the couples individually what their needs are in their marriage? Or imagine the ability to ask specific and detailed questions to the men and women then minister to those needs publically and privately at the same time.

FreeStyle for Couples:

  • Designed to stimulate communications between husband and wife
  • Helps to uncover areas of the marriage where additional counseling and teaching should occur
  • Gives participants a look at how problems in marriage are generally the same
  • Reinforced with Biblical teaching and references