Fitly Joined Together

We Are Celebrating


Years Of Marriage In


  • We bring you 50 years of practicing marriage
  • If you want to talk; we will listen
  • Our conference model will strengthen your marriage ministry plans and events
  • FJT conference will help you see the health of the marriages in your church and community
  • Is not an “I’ll preach while you listen” conference: it is an opportunity to communicate and express your needs

Our Fitly Joined Together marriage conference is a unique conference designed to help marriages navigate through the issues of life and the dynamics of a marriage. Our conference model is best suited for a week end retreat or a half day event. Fitly Joined Together can be easily modified to support and complement an already being used curriculum or it could serve as a component for an upcoming marriage retreat.

If you are planning an event to assess the health and strengthen the marriages in your church family and community, consider Fitly Joined Together.


  • Happily married and unhappily married
  • Newly weds and seasoned marriages
  • Pending separation or have filed for divorce
  • Dysfunctional marriages
  • Couples searching for a word of encouragement and need help
  • Clergy that could use a refresh in their marriages
  • Leaders that want to be regular folk for the weekend
  • Marriage ministry leaders
  • Men’s ministry and women’s ministry representatives






Who would benefit ?

Churches …

  • that don’t have a marriage ministry but are considering starting one
  • that don’t have a marriage ministry but have identified couples that need help
  • seeking to do something different for their next marriage conference
  • willing to collaborate with another church to serve Christian marriages
  • willing to support marriages that are not a part of their congregation

Begin your weekend with a bit of fun playing “The Game of Luv”. Find out how well you and your spouse can survive the game as a team. Meet and fellowship with other couples in a relaxing atmosphere This digital game board is filled with fun and surprises


  • We minister to the men separately
  • Heart Scan for Men is used to get to root of the real issues that men have in life and marriage
  • Provide and opportunity for men without fathers or male role models do ask those important questions about marriage
  • An iron sharpening iron opportunity
  • Help the men - you strengthen the family, strengthen the family - you grow the church

  • Wives have an opportunity to share their thoughts and ask questions without their husbands
  • Call it “girl talk”, call it “sister to sister” or call it a Ruth and Naomi experience.
  • Older wives can share with the younger wives in a nurturing and safe environment

Heart Scan for Couples is a unique method to assess the health of marriages

  • Data is recorded in real-time and results are displayed instantly
  • All questions are answered privately and anonymously
  • Each individual can express themselves without fear or pressure
  • Data recorded digitally
  • We listen, then minister to the results and the couples’ needs