Secrets in life keep us bound. Secrets between friends create fake relationships. Secrets from God, don’t exist. Do you desire to dig deeper into the hearts of your youth and young adults? Would you like to minister to your youth groups in the areas where they have the greatest need and help them get free from the issues of life that keep them in bondage? Consider Heart Scan … Digital Truth™ as a part of a new formula to freedom and a resource for ministering to Secrets. Contact us . . . .


  • Designed for youth, teen and young adult sessions and retreats
  • Introduce new discussion points through video clips
  • Helps youth groups speak freely about issues
  • Participant uses a keypad to input personal response
  • Gathers youth opinions in real-time/seconds
  • Allows anonymous response to questions
  • Review groups results in seconds
  • Provides a forum for open communications
  • Allows ministering to the real issues
  • Helps facilitator address current concerns
  • Address any subject important to the youth