The Game of LUV

If their marriage is in jeopardy, try

"The Game of LUV"

How To Simulate the Game

Select / Click on a category and value

  • A question will appear that will require a response
  • Each participant will use the keypad device to anonymously answer the question

Hit the "space bar" or "forward arrow" on the bottom of the slide

  • Results from the question will appear
  • Note: In a live game environment, the correct answer will blink

Click on the left side of the "Heart Scan" logo

  • On the bottom left of each polling slide
  • This will return you to the main game board
  • Repeat the sequence by selecting another category and value

"The Game of LUV"

  • Create a less hostile counseling and teaching environment with the Game of LUV
  • An ice-breaker for a couples gathering
  • Minister to the broken hearts with the Game of LUV
  • Each question is ministering opportunity
  • Each song's lyrics is an opportunity for discussion
  • Help your married couples embrace the hope in their marriage
  • Create friendly competition between married couple
  • Ideal for a couples Saturday prayer breakfast
  • May be used as a component to your marriage conference
  • A component in our "Fitly Joined Together" marriage conference
  • May be modified to fit your specific or unique marriage ministry needs