Men’s Ministry

Greetings Men’s Ministry Leader; are you planning a men’s prayer breakfast, a men’s retreat or a men’s conference; if so, then consider “Men’s FreeStyle” This unique resource will help you get to the real issues that are challenging our men today. This resource will ideally complement your current plans for ministering to your men. Currently I have three different Heart Scan formats that may aid in your ministering.

  • Heart Scan for Men - is a survey of questions specific to various issues and dynamics of the journey to Godly male-hood.
  • Men’s Ministry “FreeStyle” - offers a way for men to choose those private areas of their life that often times keep us in sin and out of the will of God.
  • Heart Scan “The Game of Life” - is ideal for breakout sessions and small group discussions
  • Friday Night Alternative - designed to give men an alternative to the worldly options of drinking, internet, loneliness, etc.

With this system, your men respond to electronic questions anonymously eliminating fears that individuals may be influenced by peer pressure and not express themselves honestly.

If the inability to share their sins and strongholds is the only thing that is hindering some men from their spiritual breakthrough; then Men’s Ministry “FreeStyle” can help. The men will have the opportunity to choose (free style) those areas of their life that need to be ministered to while attending the men’s gathering.