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This year is coming to an end and if the Lord tarries, a new year will soon begin. How well did the church execute it’s vision? Do you know the condition of your congregation? Are you still passionate for ministry and all that comes with it? What do you have in place to determine if the church is healthy or not? Are you ready for the new year and new opportunities? Have you made a strategic plan for the future or have you had serious discussions about what the future looks like? Do you know if your members embrace the vision?  A church assessment can help you answer these and other questions.

Phillips & Jethro offers a variety of church assessments; face-to-face, virtually via Zoom and we offer on-line assessments.  Listed below are three of our online assessments for your local church.

Our three online assessments can be used either separately by church leaders or jointly as a comprehensive human resource solution. To that end, each assessment will give you the vital human resource information you need to know about each church member and leaders in order to assist them in developing spiritually and effectively serving the Body of Christ.

In order for your church to experience the full value of our online assessments, we have package each setting in groups of 25 participants per assessment. If your church has never performed an assessment, this option will provide a more controllable experience. So, instead of purchasing a large volume of assessments for members who may not invest the time to complete them, our method provides a more manageable option for your church.

During this holiday season give your church a gift it can build on. Look at each of the assessments, then let’s talk about how we can help you and your church implement the assessments. Each assessment takes about 20 minutes and can generally be completed in one session. Assessments can be anonymous or identified, you choose the method that best fit your needs.

Please take a few moments to look at the assessments.

Church Members Assessment - an in-depth look of your members view of the church. It is designed for members to share their candid opinions of life in the local church


Heart Scan for Pastors and Leaders is one of the most effective online assessments for your church.  Why? Because it helps each leader to define their passion for ministry and their calling to serve.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities Assessment - this online S.W.O.T. assessment is an opportunity for church leaders to prepare for their annual strategic planning process.


Call to Action

Take a few moments to read each question carefully

While in demo mode, carefully and thoughtfully read each question for substance and ministry value but select the first answer choice for each question. This indicates that you are examining the assessment rather than taking it.

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