Friday Night Alternative

Friday Night Alternative (FNA) is a gathering of men who choose to fellowship together for support and comradery. FNA serves as an alternative to the normal activities a man would consider for their Friday night activities. For many men, if they can get beyond their Friday night entertainment decisions, if they had an alternative to the glamour traps of the world - they could potentially experience more victories in their life journeys.

Here’s how it would works. You decide to have a Friday Night Alternative gathering at your church (from 8 pm—12 midnight). Invite your male members and the men of your community. If you don’t have an active men’s ministry or if your men’s ministry has been stagnant; a FNA could be what you need. Kick start for your men’s ministry.  In our "FreeStyle" format, the men will have the opportunity to choose those areas of their life that need to be ministered to. During our face-to-face gatherings we use a digital keypad to respond to questions and during our virtual sessions, we use our cell phones to respond to questions. Men share their experiences and concerns in a safe and supportive environment.



This Is A Virtual Event

Come let us reason together saith the Lord. Gather with men from your local church, your community, within your state or across the country for a virtual experience that will empower men to stand stronger and walk with Christ. “Friday Night Alternative” is a Men’s event scheduled for Friday October 16, 2020 (10pm – 12am ET).

Covid-19 isn’t the only pandemic right now, it is one of many pandemics facing men today. There is a pandemic of fear, uncertainty, unemployment, financial upheaval and domestic violence. These pandemics are creating unparalleled pressure upon men, their marriages, and their families. Men still need the encouragement, edification, comradery and fellowship that our “Friday Night Alternative” can provide.

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Who Should Attend

  • Happily married and unhappily married men
  • Men that have never married
  • Men searching for a word of encouragement and need help
  • Men's ministry leaders or their representatives
  • Men’s over 35
  • Men looking to fellowship with other Christian men

Churches ...

  • that don’t have a men's ministry but are considering starting one
  • that don’t have a men's ministry but have identified men that need help
  • seeking to do something different for their next men's conference or prayer breakfast
  • willing to collaborate with another church to serve Christian men
  • willing to support men that are not a part of their congregation