The Church at its Best


Church Health

1. There is evidence that a majority of members share their faith with others and invite them to church.

2. Church emphasizes prayer for spiritually lost people to come to know Jesus as personal Savior and Lord.

3. Church has a system for greeting first-time guests, receiving information from them, and helping them to feel welcome and to direct their next steps.

4. Church is consistently training individuals in how to effectively share the gospel with others

5. Church has a plan to identify guests and have lay leaders make follow-up contact with them.

6. Members are often encouraged to invest in relationships with those in their social network who are outside the church and to build relationships and share the gospel with them.

7. Church plans and conducts regular outreach events with the primary purpose being to connect with unchurched people. (e.g. special evangelistic events, servant evangelism projects, block parties, VBS, musical programs, etc.)

8. Church has an intentional culture of “inviting” and seasonally plans weekend services as natural invitation events.

9. Baptism is celebrated at least quarterly.

10. Church intentionally stays aware of the demographic make-up and needs within their community context and plans evangelistic strategies accordingly.