Heart Scan

Phillips & Jethro, LLC utilizes a process called Heart Scan … Digital Truth™ to search the hearts of the church congregants and leaders to provide a personal and accurate assessment of the state and health of the local church. “Heart Scan” displays the questions that require candid and honest response by the audience. Each participant answers the questions privately and anonymously without the fear of being influenced by peers or position. With Heart Scan … Digital Truth™ the secrets of the heart are shared with the world, however, the sharing of the truth frees the mind of the person. In Psalms 139:23 we here these words, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts”, in this scripture we ask the lord to scan the debts of our heart so that we might know what He sees in our hearts. The scripture also asks God to test my thoughts that they be truthful and full of integrity.

“Digital Truth” provides a medium whereby the contents of our hearts (the truth) is vocalized through a digital handheld device. It is an opportunity to display to man what is known to God. It is the truth that set us free; “Digital Truth” can help set your church free. When Heart Scan … Digital Truth™ is used and all of the participants “dare to tell the truth” a true picture will be revealed that displays the opinions and feelings of the audience. That truth is not to be feared; but understood and managed. Imagine the freedom to cast vision, manage resources and lead ministries with the truth.