The Beatitudes

Welcome to the "Heart Scan Digital Truth" Dashboard for your "The Beatitudes" sermon. Heart Scan Digital Truth is a resource created by Phillips and Jethro to minister to the audience's needs. A digital keypad is used by the audience to provide anonymous answers to questions. Heart Scan Digital Truth is a great tool for learning the genuine nature of your audience's hearts. What do they believe, how much do they know, what are their current thoughts or opinions about an issue, and what is their truth? This tool is excellent for small groups, leadership training and development, evaluations, ministry assessments, and other ministry activities. Your sermon on the Beatitudes serves as an illustration of how you might use Heart Scan and Digital Truth in small group settings to lengthen the duration of your sermon.

This dashboard will navigate you through the 8 messages that Christ taught during his sermon on the Mount of Olives. The facilitator would click on a selection to begin the discussion. Consider the following steps.

  1. The first slide asks the audience to complete a scripture. There are 5 choices for the participants to consider.
  2. While using their digital keypad, each participant makes a choice of their answer. All responses are recorded anonymously and are displayed in real-time.
  3. The correct answer is highlighted in green for all to see.
  4. For demonstration purposes, I have attached a brief clip of your sermon to help visualize the strength of pairing this resource with your message.
  5. Each Beatitude choice have between five and ten questions to ask that would strengthen the dialog and the message. All questions are answered anonymously, no one knows how the others answered the question.
  6. Click on "full screen" to better see the video clips and to pause and read the "Heart Scan Digital Truth" questions.

Blesses are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

Pastor Summer Bowie

Blessed are the merciful

Pastor Dennis Rouse

Blessed are the pure in heart

Pastor Jonson Bowie

Blessed are the peacemakers

Pastor Andrew Momon

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness

Pastor Dennis Rouse