Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

The doors of the country are slowly reopening to churches, businesses and local governments. How will your organization be different when the doors reopen? Will your doors reopen with the same identity it had when the the doors or will there be evidence seen  change the racial and diversity climate within you church or office? Did watching your favorite daily news filled with protest, rioting, looting and police responses give you a better understanding of why there were protests, rioting, looting and police response? It's true that the US is at a point of racial and economic inequality, it is also true that we only understand the plight of another man, when we walk a mile in their shoes. "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" will help the local community take a journey to understanding the injustices experienced by the black and brown communities every day. If we, the community, would listen and reason together, this experience would be an individual heart scan on racism and it would help reveal our own biases and prejudices.

"Walk A Mile In My Shoes" is a way to share and understand another man's journey. It high-lights the challenges of minority Americans during their quest for equality. It's a collective of diverse people attempting to reason together. This gathering serves as an opportunity for churches, city and community leaders to champion a discussion on race relations within their communities.

How it works:

-The host organization invites 25 - 50 citizens together to have several discussion around diversity, racial equality, white privilege, racism and reconciliation. The hope is for the average-citizens to share their experiences, thoughts and understandings about racism from their personal lives and beliefs that may have been handed down from previous generations. This is not a lecture series but it is a time for transparency and openness with a goal to begin healing in the local community.

-Several preselected topics and talking points are available for discussion

-Video clips related to the selected topic are used to help segue in to the discussion

-Selected questions are use to assess levels of understanding and transparency. All questions are answered digitally and anonymously

-The videos and assessment questions are used to enhance discussion

This is an opportunity that you can experience face to face with social  distancing. As the host, you provide a social distance space to receive your guest. This event may also be experienced virtually via Zoom.